Top  Jewelry Collection

Top Jewelry Collection

One of the most popular question, I've been asked is which jewelry store on is trustworthy enough? The truth is that there are lots of them, so the decision was made to set the following list. I've spent my time and search on the Ali's variety
Jewelry  from 17 Th Century

Jewelry from 17 Th Century

King Louis XIV of France endeared the fact that his court would be the most magnificent through out the land. During his reign (1642-1715), more large diamonds were imported from India than at any other time in history. Ever hear of the blue Hope Diamond? It is believed that it was bought from Jean-Baptiste Tavernier and was to be set in a necklace by the Royal Jewelers Le Grand. This necklace was to be given to his grandson as a wedding gift for Marie Antiquette, but instead it was stolen.